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Welcome to "Room 4" of our National Exhibition Gallery which features more of those
marquetry pieces that only just missed out from getting into the 2018 main gallery.

These "other" exhibits shall be added to this gallery at 10 entries per monthly update.
There is no particular order to these exhibits like you'll find in the main galleries,
these will be literally "drawn out of a hat" until they have all been included.

The following rooms in this gallery will then be updated on a pro rata basis so as
to allow each "room" to have had a full 12 month display of its exhibits.

The Billy Boys
The Billy Boys (after Jack Vettriano)
by Bruce Rix
of the Chelmsford Group



A country retreat
A Country Retreat
by David Riddick
of the St. Albans Group



Moon Zoo
Moon Zoo

by Jackie Kavanagh
of the Harrow Group



The young and the old
The Young and the Old
by Gavin Turnbull
an Independent Member



Chinese chess?
Chinese Chess?
by Colin Hawkins
of the Bexley Group



Erithacus Rubecula
Erithacus Rubecula
by Ron Butters
of the Staffordshire Group



Rest time
Rest Time

by Jean Robinson
of the Sutton Coldfield Group



Alice and George
Alice & George
by Colin Hoskins
of the St. Albans Group


Nasturtium and Butterfly
Nasturtium and Butterfly
by Norman Stannard
of the Chelmsford Group


Moon Flower
Moon Flower
by Tony Gillett
of the Harrow Group


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