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2019 National exhibition

Class 1 Beginners
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Green Man
1st. The Green Man
by Penny Greeves
Meopham Group
2nd. Willow
by Christian Cozon
St. Albans Group

Down at T' Mill
3rd. Down at T' Mill
by Graham Hopkins
Sutton Coldfield Group

1920 Wolesey


VHC. 1910 Wolesey Siddley
by Thomas Gordon
Sutton Coldfield Group

HC. Mum
by Carol Martin
St. Albans Group

Sailing in Samos
HC. Sailing in Samos
by Joyce Hopkinson
St. Albans Group

The Stile
HC. The Stile
by Christian Cozon
St. Albans Group

Dungeness Lighthouse
HC. Dungeness Lighthouse
by Ian McLachlan
Staffordshire Group

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