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This Gallery is intended for the display of all those other exhibits from the 2017
International Exhibition
that have not been included in our main gallery.

These "other" exhibits will be added to this gallery at 10 entries per monthly update.
There is no particular order to these exhibits like you'll find in the main galleries,
these will be literally "drawn out of a hat" until they have all been included.

The following rooms in this gallery will then be updated on a pro rata basis so as
to allow each "room" to have had a full 12 month display of its exhibits.

Here then is your first randomly drawn 10 entries:

Monarch Butterfly
by Clive Cottam
of the Meopham Group


Village Boys
by Alec Cushway
of the Redbridge Group


Down to the Sea
by Patrick Ponsford
of the Bexley Group


Bye, Bye, Bye (after Jack Vetrriano)
by Richard Smith
an Independent Member


21st Century Fox
by Peter Jarvis
of the Chelmsford Group


Dawn Rooster
by Janet McBain
of the Harrow Group


From the Garden Shed
by Jeff Prettyman
an Independent Member


Horrie Pedder
by Peter Jones
of the Redbridge Group


Wreck off Finnish Coast (from Mika Suuta photo)
by Les Dimes
of the Harrow Group


by Quentin Smith
of the Staffordshire Group

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