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Welcome to page 14 of our Memory Lane feature where you will find lots more exhibits from
the early days of the marquetry movement and the formation of our Society.

Below we have a collection of specimen veneers in their original boxes.

.John Coffey sent these photos in to us and has asked if we know where they may
have originated from. They are listed on Ebay by Independent member John
who has given permission to use his photos for inclusion in memory lane.
(John is selling these for a Lady whose Husband has passed away and
all proceeds will go to the Salvation Army).

They are a selection of antique specimen veneers in small boxes measuring 4½ ins x 2½ ins
all with various veneers and burrs. Supplier unfortunately not known!

Actually we think we do know, but we will put the answer at the
bottom of this page to give you the chance to have a guess yourself

Best of luck with it, and please do enjoy these veneer samples from marquetry's
formative years along with us, thank you :

Old veneers photo 1
Veneers and Burrs from the Collector's Set series

Old veneers photo 2
Some examples of the veneers therein

Old veneers photo 3
Close up view of Collector's Set number 1

Thanks to John Coffey and Clive Jones for sending the photos and info
in to us for inclusion in Memory Lane.

We believe these Collector's Sets of specimen veneers came from Bill Lincoln's
'Shapes & Silhouettes' shop in Hackney, East London before he moved the
business to Mildenhall, Sufolk where it
became known as Art Veneers

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If any of you, our readers, have any items you would think suitable for this page,
would you photograph them and send the picture to us by either e-mail
(as jpeg pictures) or, if an actual photo, to our "Contact Us" address.
We will be very pleased to display suitable "Memory Lane"
items on this page for everyone to enjoy.

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