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Robin Moulson


Having recently finished a picture I decided to use a Dulux Diamond finish as per Ernie Ive’s article in issue 229 p.43 (winter issue 2009). I should point out that this was a “trial” piece so no real harm done. However – as per Ernie’s article no sand sealer was used and perhaps it should have been – but is it compatible? However, and getting back to the point, when I tried to sand off and level the finish I found that my sand paper had no effect whatsoever. This Diamond finish was “rock” hard! What to do now?

After searching the internet and the society web index I found a short article (issue 231 – p.41) which may be the answer. The article was written by our Editor (Redbridge) and Ken Smart (Mosterton) which led me to David Walker of the Redbridge Group. After a flurry of emails David gave me his feedback of the use of this item plus the web site address of the supplier. The product is “Mirka Abranet Pads”. David further advised that they were not cheap but seemed to last for a considerable time and would be pretty much a “one off” cost. I have listed my order to give you some idea of the cost involved. Does it do the Job? My word, it is excellent even on the Diamond finish.







Mirka Abranet Strips 70x125mm Mixed Box (5 grits x10ea)





Mirka Abranet 70x125 Tool plus 3 x P120 Abranet Strips





Mirka Abranet Interface Pad 70 x 125mm  – 13 holes






                                                                                                         Shipping (Next Working Day Delivery)








Abranet sanding sheets

The picture shows the items – what’s in the box?

There are 10 each of P120, P180, P240, P320 & P400. (The higher the number – the finer the grit).

I had to do a further search, this time on the Axminster web site for the P600 – the one shown in the picture. (Restexpress also sell on Ebay).

The company “Restexpress” do not provide a catalogue either electronic or printed but do operate a mail order service for those without computer access.

Rest Express
Unit 1 Springfield Farm
Perrott's Brook

Contact details as follows:-

Phone 01285 831668


The mixed grits were purchased to give me a selection. The “tool” comes in a pack with the three P120 grits inclusive and the “interface” pad is an extra back up since the tool comes with the pad included.

I emailed restexpress with regard to the grits available for this tool & was told that P600 was the finest they do but was out of stock at the moment hence my search on the Axminster web site.

Restexpress also supply sand sealer (min 1 litre), Brasso, Duraglit, burnishing paste as well as a host of other items too numerous to mention.

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