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2023 Award Winners Gallery

Class 5 Premier
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A Christmas Carol
1st. A Christmas Carol
by Mike Roberts

Sutton Coldfield Group
A Great Spotted Woodpecker
2nd.A Great Spotted Woodpecker
by Colin Roberts
Chelmsford Group Group
My Box is my Castle
3rd. My Box is my Castle
by David Middleton
Chelmsford Group
No More Fishing!

VHC. No More Fishing!
by Les Dimes
Chelmsford Group

A Yorkshire Terrier Charlie
HC. A Yorkshire Terrier Charlie
by Colin Roberts
Chelmsford Group


HMS Victory preparing ti sail
HC. HMS Victory preparing to Sail
by Colin Roberts
Chelmsford Group

Topsy Turvy Duo

H. Pedder Portrait Award.
Topsy Turvy Duo G&S
by Alan Mansfield
Redbridge Group

Just One More Run
Phil Jewel Award.
Just One More Run
by Jean Robinson
Sutton Coldfield Group
My Secretary Bird

Art Veneers Award
.My Secretary Bird
by Alan Townsend
Chelmsford Group
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