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Marquetry Courses and DVDs Page

We are often asked if we know of any marquetry courses that are available where people can learn the basic techniques from an experienced tutor.

So, we thought it's time to start a directory that we hope will grow into a valuable reference source for those wishing to attend marquetry courses both residential and non-residential, plus, for those who prefer to learn at home, we offer our instructional and tutorial DVD's. We also feature our National Exhibition DVD's on this page for those of you who would like to see examples of marquetry at its best.

Do note that for Marquetry Society members we provide hands on tuition at our group locations for no extra cost other than the nominal attendance charge applicable to the group location selected. We can also provide no cost on screen real time tuition via Skype share screen to Independent Marquetry Society members who are not able to attend group meetings. Our quarterly magazine The Marquetarian regularly provides a wealth of tutorial articles to guide you through the techniques and latest methods of working in the modern world of marquetry.

If you are not already a member of the Marquetry Society, but you feel that you would like to join our ever growing ranks of marquetry enthusiasts and become a member of the Marquetry Society (and take advantage of the facilities we have to offer), then nothing could be simpler. All you need to complete your application is your credit or debit card and ten minutes of your time.

Your membership application and entry fee payment will be completed online via PayPal's secure server system and your Welcome Pack will be delivered to you via the normal postal system shortly after your membership application has completed.

Here is a link to our application and payments pages: Online Application & Payments

Here is a list of our current DVD's:

The 2014-15-16-17-18 and the latest 2019 International Exhibition DVDs are currently available in high level print quality from Peter White, price £10.00 including p&p (UK only). USA members, please contact USA rep Ernie Mills. Other countries please contact Peter for a price.

For an example of the high quality of these discs here are a few screen captures from the popular 2014 DVD which features a scene setting introduction with some pleasant views of Markyate village and also acquaints you with the 2014 exhibition judges. You can choose from the Award Winner's Gallery, or the Selected Entries Gallery, or even the Ben Bedford Gallery. And - don't forget, there is also the International Photo Entries for you to view and enjoy as well. This DVD is a most worthy reference source of the highly successful 2014 International Marquetry Exhibition. See some sample photos from the DVD below:

Bakers Markyate
Village Bakers
Exhibition Venue
2014 Exhibition Hall
Village Pub
Village Inn

Village House
A Lovely Village Cottage
The Judges Make Their Decisions
View of Exhibition
A Corner of the Exhibition

All the award winning pictures follow on in class sequence. All the remaining exhibits, along with the class 10A International photos, are shown under a separate title. Complete catalogue information is included.

The very latest DVD in our training series is titled "Artistic Considerations & Veneer Choice in Marquetry" and is intended to guide you through applying your own 'artist's eye' to the selection of a suitable subject for your latest and grandest marquetry project. This disc (and the accompanying booklets) also help you with choosing the best veneers for all aspects of your marquetry work, be it just a picture or an applied piece, or even door or wall panel!

Our DVD "A Beginners Guide" is aimed at beginners new to the art of marquetry. This disc demonstrates the build of a marquetry kit picture from the opening of the box to the polishing of the completed picture prior to hanging it in pride of place on your living room wall. This is a 'must have' for those who have been tempted to try their hand at marquetry, but have never had the confidence in their latent talents and skills.

Also available from Peter is a fully narrated video DVD entitled 'Marquetry Techniques and Tips', the price, as is the price of all our training DVDs, is £10.00. The 46 minute video, aimed at intermediate to advanced marquetarians, but also containing useful tips for beginners, covers cutting an initial window method to be let into an oval cartouche, gluing a thin stringer around a circle, applying stringers to a rectangle and letting in a panel using the 'reverse window' method.

A new DVD of Geometric Marquetry is also available at the same price as the 'Techniques & Tips' DVD.

Another new addition to our Tutorial DVD training discs series, this one featuring Master Marquetarian Alan Townsend, has now become available. This new DVD features not only Alan covering the subject of veneer preparing in a professional capacity, he also guides us through the tricky subject of portrait work in marquetry.

To read reviews of the above discs - just select the appropriate following link:
Beginner's Guide
Price: £10 or USA $20
Geometric Marquetry
Price: £10 or USA $20
Price: £10 or USA $20
Marquetry Techniques and Tips
Price: £10 or USA $20
Added Dimensions in Marquetry
Price: £15 or USA $30
Bricks, Walls, Tiles and Pebbles in Marquetry
Price: £10 or USA $20
Artistic Considerations & Veneer Choice in Marquetry
Price: £15 (or £12 without booklets) or USA $30 (or $25 without booklets)
Three Veneers & The Great Wave
Price: £10 or USA $20
Please also note that the 2019 International Marquetry Exhibition DVD is now available at £10 UK or $20 USA. Previous year's Marquetry Exhibition DVDs are still available - please enquire.

Purchasing Information: To purchase any of these Tutorial or Marquetry Exhibition DVDs, please contact Peter by phone/letter or by using his usual email address, as will be found in The Marquetarian; or if you are not a current member of the Marquetry Society you can enquire about DVD availability by Emailing Peter at

USA and Canada please enquire via our USA representative Ernie Mills at


The courses below are not run by the Marquetry Society and we do not always know the tutors. We are happy to list information provided by the course administrators, but it is for the individual to ascertain the suitability of the course based on their own requirements

Our residential directory is currently featuring a series of courses being run by QJS Marquetry.
Just click on any of the included links for further information about any of those courses.
You can also arrange bespoke tutorials by clicking the 'More Info' links below
and discussing requirements & terms with the respective tutor.

Course & Dates
Introduction to Parquetry This can be arranged on a one to one (or more) basis with the tutor
If you wish to book a 1 to 1 tutorial
Golden Hands Marquetry Courses -
Dates can be booked as required - please enquire
Dalkeith, Scotland

Boat Builders Logo Marquetry Course at Boat Building Academy Ltd

In five days learn how to approach the intricate art of marquetry and produce a set of coasters and a decorative panel of your chosen design to take home. Understand how different types of veneer are used, learn how to cut and shape them to create simple motifs before moving on to more complicated designs.
Learn also how to work with geometric shapes and create parquetry, and how to apply shading and finishing techniques.
The course is designed for beginners and the fee includes materials, marquetry knife and cutting board.

Course date: August

Course Fee:

Web address for further information:
Boat Building Academy Ltd
Lyme Regis Marine Centre
Monmouth Beach
Lyme Regis
Dorset DT7 3JN  

Tel:  +44 (0)1297 445545
Fax: +44 (0)1297 445559

If you are the administrator of a marquetry course yourself and would like to be considered for inclusion in this directory, would you contact our editorial team by Email with information on the type of marquetry course you operate. If we judge it to be an appropriate style of marquetry course, you will then be added to this directory.

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