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Many famous Marquetarians were interviewed for this series by the legendary Cutter.
These interviews display an interesting insight into the thoughts and working practices
of revered and respected Marquetarians who have gained the admiration
of fellow Marquetarians World Wide.

Click here to read Peter White's interview
Click here to read Alan Townsend's interview
Click here to read Ernie Ives' interview
Click here to read Patrick Levins' interview
Click here to read Eddie and Pauline Stevens' interview
Click here to read Tom Brewer's Cutter Interview
Click here to read Quentin Smith's Cutter Interview
Click here for Horrie Pedder's Cutter Interview

The key to the above interviews is:

Interview 1 =
Interview 2 =
Interview 3 =
Interview 4 =
Interview 5 =
Interview 6 =
Interview 7 =
Interview 8 =
Peter White
Alan Townsend
Ernie Ives
Patrick Levins
Eddie & Pauline Stevens
Tom Brewer
Quentin Smith
Horrie Pedder

New interviews are now in the course of production and will be added to the series
as they become available to us. To read the current ones, just click the button
of your choice to read about a fascinating Marquetarian.


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