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The intention of this page is to bring you information on all matters that,
although not strictly marquetry, are associated nonetheless with the
marquetry theme.

To start this page off we have some interesting veneer based art works by Mark Jacobson which use a unique and newly discovered method of colouring the veneers that we think you will be very impressed by.

Mark calls his work "Veneer Mosaics" and he uses textural and unusual impasto techniques to give a feeling of depth to his work.

Have a look at these examples of Mark's work and do feel free to let us know your opinions on these new techniques.
(e-mail address for your views at bottom of this page)

Ducks in flight detail
Full ducks in flight picture

Detail from Moose picture

A detail from the main picture on the right >>

Full Moose picture

Detail from Buffalo picture

The photo above is a detail taken from the picture on the right >>

Full Buffalo picture

Side view of Buffalo picture

A view from the side of the Buffalo picture above
to show the depth effect


The photo to the right shows various examples
of veneers coloured by the new process >>


The veneers below show two close up examples
of the coloured veneers

Various coloured veneers
Red coloured veneer
Blue coloured veneer
Mark and his Moose picture nearing completion
Mark with one of his latest projects 90% finished
Big Lion picture 50% finished
Another project at 50% completion using the above
veneer colouring techniques

Nelson's Big Lion
Mark's Lion picture now finished.
Note the strength of colour and detail.

Please e-mail us at to let us know your views on the above pictures. Thanks.

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